Edge AI Sensor Technology
Bringing sophisticated on-device machine learning to extremely low power sensors at the edge.

Innovation Alley Winner
At the inaugural Cambridge Tech Week, InferSens was announced as the Innovation Alley winner.

#21toWatch Winner
InferSens’ deep learning sensor technology takes a spot in the ‘Things’ category of this year’s awards.

Transformative Technology

InferSens’ game-changing deep tech sensor technology brings sophisticated deep learning to extremely low-power sensors, opening a raft of new, at-the-edge, data-rich sensor applications, which were previously hard or even impossible to address.

Deep learning (DL) is the leading field of artificial intelligence (AI) research, whereby algorithms learn patterns in data without explicitly being programmed to do so.  Historically, these types of algorithms for rich sensor data have been processed in the cloud, creating problems of data fidelity, privacy, latency and, above all, energy consumption.  Attempts to solve this, by moving DL to the edge, have required the use of local power sources that greatly hinder wide-scale sensor deployment.

InferSens’ sensor technology uses state-of-the-art silicon, leading-edge DL models and innovative mechanical- and systems-engineering to break the logjam of power consumption vs performance and bring to market the first of a new generation of smart sensors for the built environment and beyond.

Proud Winners of the Innovation Alley Award 2023

Ultra-Low Cost

Perfect for widespread implementation
Across all property estates


Run wirelessly for years
No external power requirement
Eco-efficient with multi-year battery life

In The Field

Easy to install
IoT sensing and on-device ML
Reliable, actionable, hi-fidelity data

Our First Product

Low-cost, battery-powered sensor for water system monitoring

Many people talk about delivering flow data live on-device; InferSens is proud to have done it. Our first product is a low-cost, battery-powered water flow and temperature sensor for monitoring and detecting Legionella risk in water systems. It is initially aimed at the UK’s 7.6 million commercial and public sector properties, where regulation demands that owners monitor their water systems for the risks of Legionella – the cause of a potentially fatal form of pneumonia contracted via contaminated water. Current monitoring regimes are inefficient – manual end-to-end, and waste significant water, energy and carbon.
Available on a Sensing-as-a-Service, easy-on-the-pocket “lease” basis as well as simple to install, it is perfectly suited for widespread deployment at scale throughout water systems within properties.
Ahead of the formal product launch, we are engaging with customers for pilots under commercial agreement from a range of sectors including universities, hospitals, commercial offices, hotels and other property owners and operators.

The Benefits


Using InferSens’ revolutionary sensor technology, customers can completely transform the efficiency and environmental impact of their water monitoring and management.

Our technology will enable customers to become more sustainable by saving water and reducing carbon emissions, save costs, and simplify and audit compliance with statutory water monitoring obligations.

The Leadership Team

Colin Payne


Dr Jana Voigt


Mark Purnell

Executive Chairman

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes


Steve White

Steve White

Investor Director

Chris Greening Profile Photo

Dr Chris Greening


Innovation with Purpose

Our founding team has extensive experience and a significant record of success in the creation of breakthrough IoT, property and energy/utility management technologies.

We first began to explore and deploy the considerable power of IoT and AI in the field of smart sensors and intelligent building management in early 2015.By 2017, our transformative water flow sensing and management invention was envisioned, proven and christened as “InferSens”.

We have continued to strengthen and improve our game-changing initiative with the benefit of support from Innovate UK and prominent seed investors and have further strengthened our leadership and technology development teams.We are working with partners and collaborators to develop the technology. These include leading neural accelerator silicon companies such as Syntiant.

We are currently engaging with customers for pilots under commercial agreement from a range of sectors including universities, hospitals, commercial offices, hotels, and other property owners and operators.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Our core sensing technology has very significant potential in multiple other practical uses such as multi-factor building occupancy, combined air quality and compound sensing for buildings and smart cities, and other applications where low power, rich data and smart sensing requirements converge.

We welcome contact from parties interested in collaborating with InferSens and contributing to the development of these, and any other envisaged, additional applications.

If you would like to discuss ideas or opportunities, please contact any member of our leadership team.

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