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What We Do

InferSens is building breakthrough Tiny ML water sensors enabling real-time and fully comprehensive monitoring of water infrastructures.

Using the revolutionary potential of Artificial Intelligence, our exceptional team of Cleantech innovators has created an elegant, ultra-affordable and easy-to-use IoT sensing solution, with the strong potential to completely transform the efficiency and environmental impact of the global water monitoring and management sector.

Our technology will enable our customers to:

  • Become more sustainable by saving water and reducing carbon emissions;
  • Save costs; and
  • Simplify and audit compliance with statutory water monitoring obligations.

Fresh water is an extremely precious resource – it is estimated that only 0.007% of the earth’s water is accessible for human use, the very significant remaining majority being either too salty or trapped as ice.

If current trends continue, we will face a global water shortage crisis by 2040.

Treating and supplying water also comes at a significant environmental cost.  For example, the UK water industry consumes 3% of the nation’s electricity, whilst generating 5.5 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

Every single day in the UK alone 6.9 billion litres of treated water is wasted or lost, and 59,000 tonnes of carbon emitted, as a result of:

  • National water supply infrastructure leaks;
  • Unnecessary routine flushing of water for compulsory Legionella risk compliance; and
  • Negligence by consumers.

One of the root causes of this devastating – and largely avoidable – waste is insufficient awareness of when and where water flow occurs in domestic, commercial or national water infrastructure.

It effectively boils down to the age-old common conundrum. If you do not know where water flow is occurring, you cannot effectively measure, manage or save it.

To address this situation, InferSens is harnessing the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to empower tiny, readily affordable, non-invasive water sensors which:

  • Reliably monitor the real time flow and temperature of in-pipe water – minimising the potential for waste and/or leakage, and ensuring that it is constantly maintained within the required “safe” parameters;
  • Detect and report any high-risk areas of possible unexpected flow, low flow or stagnation;
  • Optimise the efficacy of hygiene-related outlet flushing regimes (whilst simultaneously eliminating needless wastage of energy and water); and
  • Audit pre-emptive flushing activities to evidence Legionella control (HSE Approved Code of Practice L8) compliance.

Ultra-Low Cost

Perfect for widespread implementation
Across all property estates

Simplicity Itself

Immediate data generation and alerting
Multi-year battery life

Saves Resource

Eliminates water and energy waste

About the Technology

InferSens-Flow Exploded

The Technology

Our patent pending non-invasive technology employs cutting-edge AI techniques to calculate the flow of water through a pipe, drawing upon data generated by a range of on-board environmental sensing components, providing remote access to dependable, real-time flow and temperature data from any location.

InferSens’ low-maintenance, long-life devices – which are made available on a Sensing-as-as-Service easy-on-the-pocket “lease” basis – are simple to install and therefore perfectly suited for widespread deployment at scale throughout national water delivery infrastructures and water systems within properties.

The Benefits:

Existing specialist flow sensors – providing reliable outputs – are either invasive (i.e., cut into pipework), or non-invasive (i.e., attached to the outside surface of pipework, such as ultrasound devices which carry an exorbitantly high price point).

Both options necessitate costly third-party expertise to both install and maintain, and present significant ongoing challenges in relation to the extraction and analysis of the flow data they generate.

In contrast, the ultra-affordable InferSens sensor simply clips straight on to the surface of any standard gauge of pipe, and immediately starts to produce real time flow and temperature information, continuously keeping all parties accurately informed through the medium of an online reporting application.

InferSens not only provides compliance data, but instantaneously raises duty holder alerts to areas of unexpected flow (e.g., leaks), poor flow (such as little used or stagnant outlets), or non-compliant temperatures.

Alarms can also be generated if a water outlet threatens to reach a dangerously high temperature, mitigating the risks of scalding.

The InferSens IoT application offers an extremely proactive approach to the competent management of water systems. Individuals and organisations can derive significant meaning and value from generated data, allowing improved decision-making processes and better resource allocations, leading to quantifiable cost (and considerable water savings and carbon emission) reductions of:

  • 33% through early identification of delivery infrastructure leaks;
  • 80% of water (and energy) wastage from unnecessary flushing and testing for
    waterborne pathogen risk compliance; and
  • 17% of wasteful consumption by consumers.

About the Team

Colin Payne


Jonathan Peace


Dr Jana Voigt


Mark Purnell

Executive Chairman

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes


Steve White

Steve White

Investor Director

Where We Came From – Our Story

Our founding principals, who have extensive experience of – and a significant record of success in – the creation of breakthrough property and energy/utility management technologies, first began to explore and deploy the considerable power of IoT and AI in the field of smart sensors and intelligent building management in early 2015.

With the continuing support and collaborative input of many sector experts and market-leading clients, in 2017 our transformative water flow sensing and management invention was envisioned, proven, and christened as “InferSens”.

As we have continued to further develop and improve our game-changing initiative with the benefit of support from Innovate UK – the UK government’s innovation agency – our original leadership team has been further strengthened by the recent addition of Dr Jana Voigt as our COO.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Whilst our current emphasis is on the most successful development and deployment of our flow and temperature sensors for the purpose of enabling the optimum control of waterborne pathogens in water systems, there are many other potential applications matched to our innovative technologies.

These include such important, high-value fields as fluid leak detection (particularly within the water utilities sector); water waste saving and carbon emission reduction; energy (gas and electricity) monitoring and management; and condition-based monitoring of plant and equipment.

We would welcome contact from any parties who might be interested in collaborating with InferSens and contributing to the development of these (or any other envisaged) additional applications.

If you would like to discuss ideas or opportunities, please feel free to contact any member of our leadership team.

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